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Our Environmental Policy

This is what we do to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our impact on our planet. In simple terms we can all understand.

Plastic – Use as little plastic as possible.

 As a fulfillment warehouse we are sure to have a lot of packaging. But we use cardboard boxes, paper bags and tape, and reuse other bits to pad your packages, if required. While we can’t control all of the materials coming in and out of our site, we are working with our customers suppliers to see that they come to us with as little plastic as possible. Any that we do have come through, we take full responsibility for, trying our best to reuse it, or recycling it when it comes to the end of it’s journey with us. One area we are still working on is our pallet wrap, as we can’t find a strong, eco friendly alternative. We’ll keep you posted with how we’re doing on this, and if you have any ideas or manufacture such a product, please get in touch!

Energy – Using our energy responsibly. Sourcing our energy responsibly.

It seems a small step, but it all really does help. We turn off plugs and lights when they aren’t in use, only charge our laptops and phones when we really must, and make everyone a cuppa all at once to avoid boiling the kettle too much! We know that it isn’t just what we’re throwing away, but it’s what we consume, and we are trying our best to keep that to a minimum.
While we try to use as little as possible, we of course still require electricity, lighting and heat, as well as internet, to run our operation. We use a completely renewable energy provider, so while it all comes from the same grid, the people we pay for our energy, invest their money in environmentally friendly energy sources such as wind and sun. We also use a portable internet service, meaning we are running off of the service floating around everywhere rather than plugging more lines into the earth. It also means we can use this wherever we are whether on site, at home or on the road, rather than having multiple devices.

Delivery – Working toward carbon neutral shipping.

We are currently investing a lot of time and brain power into calculating our emissions, so that we can offset them. We know that our industry is, by nature, rather dirty and polluting, but we’re going to try our hardest to balance that out. We work with a couple of great companies who already offer carbon neutral shipping, but for the ones that don’t, we are calculating the environmental impact of those deliveries, and will be investing time and money in offsetting schemes such as tree planting, and community work.

The Future

We’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter to let you know what we’re up to, what our emissions were for the previous month and how we plan to offset them / how we offset the month before. We think we’re bringing a fresh and innovative take on the fulfilment / logistics industry and would like to leave an impression and some knowledge with the people we work with, but leave as little as possible on the planet we share.

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